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iPhone 5 concept design: Crescent-shaped, glowing logo

iPhone 5 concept design: Crescent-shaped, glowing logo:

iPhone 5 mates with Magic Mouse in crescent-shaped concept design

What would an iPhone 5 look like if Apple’s design department turned to the Magic Mouse for inspiration? That’s the question ciccaresedesign attempts to answer with this sleek, curved iPhone 5 concept rendering.

It’s got the glowing Apple logo, so it would naturally sell like hotcakes, but it also looks like there’d need to be too many concessions to ever make a design like this practical. Can you imagine it weeble-wobbling on any table, desk or flat surface you put it down on? (They show it screen-down, like a Magic Mouse, but that makes my heart skip a scratch-fearing beat.)

Still, Apple has done the Braun/Leica inspired design for 2 generations now, and that means the next should sport a makeover. The iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were decidedly flat, barely extruded rounded rectangles. But Apple believes design is about how something works, not how it looks. How would an iPhone 5 need to work? Bigger battery for 4G LTE, slightly larger screen to provide more ample room for content?

The only way to predict the look for iPhone 5 is to figure out the goals of Jony Ive and Apple’s design team.

Check out the rest of the renderings via the link below.

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Powertrekk lets you get mobile power from ordinary water

Powertrekk lets you get mobile power from ordinary water:

I think that all of us have those mobile battery chargers for our cellular phone, in case we need that extra bit of juice. The problem is you have to remember to charge such devices, or you will be really screwed when you need them.

What if you had a battery that is powered on nothing but ordinary water? It is now named the Powertrekk, and it uses fuel-cell technology to convert hydrogen gas into electricity.

The secret is a thing inside the Powertrekk known as the Powertrekk Puck which holds the water and carries out the fuel based charge.

The Powertrekk is designed for USB powered devices, and you can use your USB charger on your mobile device for aiding in the charge.

I am sure that you are seeing the benefits of the PowerTrekk. I wonder if this company should use the slogan: “the last mobile charger that you will ever need to buy”.

The Powertrekk might be the answer to that age-old question for what you would have if you lived on a deserted island. Considering that I don’t need any sun or outlet, it has my vote. All I would need is a teaspoon of the water that surrounds the island. I’m not certain if I would have any cellular phone reception, but I would be entertained by a plethora of pre-loaded apps.

Of course, you will pay for this type of power, to the tune of $300. I still think that it is a good deal.

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Treehouse Labs BiKN

Treehouse Labs BiKN:

This particular device is known as the bikn, but it is pronounced like the word “beacon”.

The creators of this device decided that they wanted to provide the iPhone more protection than a case. The case itself comes in many colors, and you can also pick a tag base or highlight color.

The BiKN comes with tags that can be clipped to a user’s belt or other appendage. Each of these tags unlock and a micro-USB port will be revealed for charging. The purpose of these tags is so you can find things with your iPhone.

The tags have three modes of “Find”, “Leash”, or “Page”. “Find” is a visual meter and audio signal for discovering a misplaced item. “Leash” enables the user to control how far a tagged item can be separated from the smart case before an alarm sounds on the phone and tag. As for the “Page”, it is able to sound an alert on one or multiple tags.

According to the information that I received at CES, the BiKN is coming in January. I don’t have a price out now, but I’m sure that will be available soon. I beleive that the application is available now, and it is completely free.

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Apple and Android Gain Smartphone Marketshare at Expense of RIM and Microsoft

Apple and Android Gain Smartphone Marketshare at Expense of RIM and Microsoft released their latest numbers for the relative market shares of the mobile market. Apple continues to inch upward with 11.2% of total U.S. Mobile Subscribers.

This percent share is up from 9.8% in August and 10.2% in September. Apple’s growth was greater than its competitors during this time which covers the introduction of the iPhone 4S. Apple has historically trended well with steady gains in this measure over time. These numbers are for both smartphone and non-smartphone subscribers in the U.S.

Amongst Smartphone platforms, Google’s Android continues to lead at 46.9% over Apple’s 28.7% but both platforms grew in the past few months as compared to both Microsoft and RIM.

Microsoft, RIM and Symbian saw continued declines in Smartphone marketshare over the past quarter. The difference in change between Apple and Android’s growth is even smaller (1.3 points vs 2.1 points) when comparing the November numbers to September numbers. The iPhone 4S’s launch in October should have been covered in these figures.

comScore’s data tracks installed user base rather than new handset sales, making it more reflective of real-world usage but slower to respond to shifting market trends than some other studies.

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Winter Wake-Up app adjusts your alarms for bad weather

Winter Wake-Up app adjusts your alarms for bad weather

As we settle in for the rest of the long, cold winter, we’re just about to hit the time of year where it’s most likely you’ll hear the two sweetest words in the English language. No, not “cellar door.” I’m talking about “snow day.”

Winter Wake-up is a new app that combines two different usual tasks in a fun way. It’s an alarm app that will automatically check the weather for you, and it will wake you up early if there’s either snow or frost on the menu for the day. You can set two different settings, put in your zip code, and then get a custom alarm based on what it’s doing outside. There’s also an option (and here’s what you really want) to kill the alarm completely if the weather’s really bad outside.

Unfortunately, I believe the app just checks the National Weather Service for the conditions, not your actual school or work, so if your boss commonly makes decisions based on something other than the official weather report, you might be out of luck. But I love the idea of combining access to the weather with my alarm, and that delicious feeling that may come about from waking up an hour late and realizing that there wasn’t an alarm because you don’t have to be up at all that day. That in itself is probably worth the free download, and might make the winter and all its snow and ice that much easier to live with.

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See How Much Storage Space Your iOS Apps Are Using On Documents & Data

See How Much Storage Space Your iOS Apps Are Using On Documents & Data [iOS Tip]

When we install new apps on our iOS devices, they don’t just take up the storage space needed for the app itself, but they also consume space needed for storing “documents & data.” This can be all sorts of things, including save files for your games, pictures, videos, and content downloaded through in-app purchases.

Here’s how to see how much storage space each of your apps is using for “documents & data,” and how you can reclaim that precious space.

First, open up the Settings app on your device, then choose ‘General’ and ‘Usage’.

You device will present you with a list of apps you currently have installed, and tell you how much storage space they’re consuming in total. This figure includes both the storage space needed for the app itself, plus the space consumed on additional documents & data each app has collected.

To get a better understanding of how each app is using your storage space, simply tap on its name. In the screenshot below, you’ll notice that the Camera+ app itself only takes up 22.6 MB of the storage on my iPhone, but all the photos I’ve taken with the app are using up 277 MB.

So how do you free up that space? Well, first you need to work out what “documents & data” consists of. Because Camera+ is a photography app, I know most of that space is used up by photos. So to free it up, I can delete the photos I no longer want, and sync those that I do want to my computer before removing them from my iPhone.

With games, such as Football Manager 2012 seen below, storage space is likely to be spent on save files and additional content downloaded through in-app purchases. Some titles may allow you to delete these, others will require you to delete the app itself, and then reinstall it.

While most apps only consume a small amount of storage for “documents & data,” others — like Camera+, will consume a lot, and it all adds up. Keeping on top of that data and deleting files you no longer need will help you keep your consumption down.

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iPhone icon cupcakes look touchable, tasty

iPhone icon cupcakes look touchable, tasty

We haven’t posted a really good iPhone cake in quite a while now, so here we go: Reader Tim sends in this set of cupcakes that his girlfriend made him for his 21st birthday, and boy do they look good. There are a few things that, as Apple obsessive, we would call out in there, including the fact that this cake uses the old iPod logo instead of the new Music app logo, and the fact that the phone happens to be tilted the wrong way in these pictures.

But hey, that’s just us nitpicking — these look great, very nice job, and I especially like the custom day and date, as well as the special message on the Notes icon. Happy belated birthday, Tim, and you’ve got one very talented and sweet lady there.

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Video: I'm Dreaming of a New iPad

If the iPhone video put you off buying one, perhaps this can persuade you to purchase an iPad

If you’d like to sing along, the lyrics to “I’m Dreaming of a New iPad” are as follows:

I’m dreaming of a new - iPad
So I can play - some Angry Birds
It will tr- avel with me
And might just - get me Kicked off,
a plane for Friends With Words

I’m dreaming of a new - iPad
So I don’t have — to look alone
When I wait in line, at a store… —
All the nerds will
Know I’m still hardcore


I’m dreaming of a new - iPad
And I can’t wait for iPad 3
Come on, Apple, please hear, my cry…
Cuz’ a new, iPad,
I want to buy.

Note that there’s also an Android carol — “Hark the Herald, Androids Sing" — available, but this isn’t The Unofficial Android Weblog … yet.

(Photo by Yatharth Gupta, Wikimedia Commons, licensed under Creative Commons)

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Siri: “The Holiday Horror Movie” Now Coming To A Theatre Near You

If you are giving the gift of Siri this festive season, perhaps you should tread carefully!

The iPhone 4S is out for blood this holiday season.

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BBC iPlayer: Designing the iPhone App

With the BBC iPlayer iPhone app just being released, ever wondered how such an high profile app became into existence?


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